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Bert went to a Top Division Men 1 game in Fleurus, Belgium on Dec. 11th, 2015: CEP Fleurus vs. Cuva Houthalen

After a nice ceremony in honor of Jean-Marie Barbier , a former excellent playmaker and head coach of CEP Fleurus who passed away at the age of 52 a few weeks ago, the game between CEP and Cuva started on a minor note at the Salle Andre Robert in Fleurus on Dec. 11th, 2015. The home squad faced difficulties in scoring and, although the CEPmen played a rather tough defense, U.S. experienced player Ronnie McCollum (1.92 m, guard, born in 1978, ex- Centenary , LA ) found the way to the basket several times to give Cuva Houthalen a nice lead. Bart Maesen (198-F-89) and Lithuanian shooter Vidmantas Uzkuraitus also added some points for the visitors. CEP Fleurus reacted well at the end of the second quarter and were even offered a ball to reduce the gap at -6. They missed the opportunity and Cuva eventually finished on top with a rather large 10-point margin at the half. Despite nice efforts by Kevin Jonniaux (1.98 m, forward, born in 83) and Moussa Ouattara (2.02 m, center/f

Bert went to a Top Division Men 1 game in Fleurus, Belgium on Nov. 20th, 2015: CEP Fleurus vs. KBBC Oostkamp

You need two good teams to get a nice basketball game. And that is exactly what attendees at the Salle Andre Robert got on Nov. 20th, 2015 indeed... It was also a nice occasion to discover the new CEP point guard Seidou Njoya (1.88 m, born in 1989) who already showed all his talent and skills against a very well-balanced team of KBBC Oostkamp . Seidou Njoya quickly tried to boost his new team in the first quarter by hitting a three-pointer and giving some nice assists to his mates. Nevertheless, the very athletic visitors responded well especially via Cedric Berquin (1.98 m, forward, born in 1989), Arno Vandewalle (born in 1995) and young British prospect Jordan Williams (2.02 m, forward, born in 1995). Jordan Williams and his mates stayed in the race through the whole first half. CEP Fleurus of Coach Tony van den Bosch played very well in the third quarter and, mainly thanks to a superb Kevin Jonniaux (1.98m, power forward, born in 1983), looked able to dig the gap.