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EuroMillions League - Round Six: Proximus Spirou Charleroi defeats BC Telenet Oostende after strong finish in a thrilling Belgian "Clásico"!

Bert and his son attended the Proximus Spirou Charleroi vs. BC Telenet Oostende basketball game at the Spiroudome on Oct. 28th, 2016. The one and only Belgian basketball "Clásico"! They could not have been better seated, at first row right behind the bench of BC Oostende . Nice to follow the speeches, mood swings and pep talks of BCO 's Croatian Coach Dario Gjergja during timeouts! Around 5,000 people attended this excellent basketball game in Charleroi, Belgium.   Serbian forward Marko Keselj (age 28, 2.06 m) and Belgium's national team member Pierre-Antoine Gillet (age 25, 2.01 m), both injured, were unavailable for BC Oostende and the three Belgian international players Kevin Tumba (age 25, 2.06 m), Loic Schwartz (age 23, 1.95 m) and Ioann Iarochevitch (age 27, 2.06 m), on the injured list for Spirou , did not play in the game.   The home side started slowly and did several mistakes in defense, allowing BC Oostende to take the lead in the fi