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Basic-Fit Brussels Basketball with Brandon Ubel ready to start a new season in Belgium's pro league

The Town Hall of the City of Brussels was the hosting facility for the Basic-Fit Brussels Basketball annual press conference which was held last Wednesday evening. The event took place in the Town Hall's Gothic Room with an amazing view on the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. It was a real pleasure for partners, local authorities, representatives of the basketball federation, journalists, reporters and correspondents as well as basketball personalities to walk across one of the world's most beautiful market squares and gather in the splendid hall done in a pure neogothic style. The press conference started right on time at 19:00.   During the well-organized press conference held in a very friendly atmosphere, Coach Serge Crevecoeur announced that Brandon Ubel (center, born in 1991, ex- Nebraska ) signed with Basic-Fit Brussels for the 2015-16 season. The American center has just left Port of Antwerp Giants and will head back the European capital next summer