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A look back at March Madness 2021...

We have NCAA champions on the hardwood! The 2021 NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments are now over. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, March Madness was full of great action and good memories this year... The NCAA can be proud of having been able to organize fantastic basketball tournaments for both young men and women during these uncertain times. As a matter of fact, college men's or women's basketball fans and observers were thrilled all season long. In times of health crisis, NCAA did all it could for March Madness  2021 to take place in "bubbles" even if, at some point, women’s teams have received unequal and subpar treatments. The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the site of the 2021 Men's Final Four "bubble" The 2021 Men's Final Four was held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN from Apr. 3rd to 5th, 2021. Houston , UCLA , Gonzaga and Baylor qualified for the Men's Final Four . In the first semifinal game