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Round Four of the 2016-17 EuroMillions League on Oct. 14th, 2016 - Stunning win for Crelan Okapi Aalstar in front of sparse crowd at the Spiroudome

Belgian Lions Kevin Tumba (ankle) and Ioann Iarochevitch (mesniscus) as well as Canadian swingman Jevohn Shepherd (knee) were on the Proximus Spirou injured list before the game against Crelan Okapi Aalstar of Coach Steve Ibens on Oct. 14th, 2016. Therefore, the Spirou staff worked hard last week and managed to find two US substitutes who were already allowed to play the game against the Okapis . Head Coach Fulvio Bastianini can count on Bryan Davis (age 29, 2.08 m, Texas A&M '10) and Brandon Bowman (age 31, 2.06 m, Georgetown '06) to help the Spirou team in the next few weeks indeed. With experienced players such as last season's Belgian Scooore! League MVP John Tofi (age 32, 2.03 m) or athletic US forward Bill Amis (age 28, 2.06 m), the Okapi squad still looks well-balanced this season.   In front of a sparse attendance, both teams started the game at a rather slow pace but quickly managed to speed up the tempo: 7-6 after five minutes played