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Data protection and privacy
Cookies may be used from time to time to assist in presenting the blog in a more usable format.

The copyright in the text on this website is owned by (and the blog to which it points: except where it is specifically stated that the information was previously published elsewhere and/or the copyright is acknowledged to another party, usually the original publisher or writer. Any text on this website that is marked with the copyright notice of any other party apart from (or is that person's intellectual property and you must contact that person or organization if you wish to use his/her/their material. was created in December 1998 but reshuffled in December 2015 (powered by Blogger - Simple template). Some widgets or gadgets appearing or having appeared on (or have been powered by blogger.comLinkedIn or Twitter.

Limitation of liabilty
While (or does its best to ensure that all material found on this blog is accurate and up to date, it cannot guarantee this to users/readers. (or cannot and does not represent that the information or any material contained on this blog is accurate, complete, or verified and will accept no liability or obligation (whether at law or otherwise) for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this blog or for any loss or damage suffered by any person, company, or other organization from any reliance placed upon the information found on this blog.
Pages that acknowledge a specific author do not necessarily represent the opinion of (or but are presented as the opinion of that author. (or has no responsibility for the contents of such articles.

External websites including message or comment board (or provides links to other sites for the convenience of users or visitors. (or is not responsible for the content(s) of any third party websites or blogs included within our external hyperlinks, measures they adopt to protect your privacy or any source of external dynamic content featured herein. (or does not accept responsibility, or liability, for the consequential actions of a user choosing to access any such third party website or blog featured. Any other website or blog which visitors access from (or may not have an adequate privacy policy. 
All comments found on this website are those of the individual posters and are not necessarily the views or opinions of (or or those associated with (or (or and its author Bert Larsimont shall not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages arising from any messages, views, opinions, or information found on Message and Comment Boards/Forums or from the use, or the inability to use, this site or blog.
Visitors and members must not post, write, or send messages (including by e-mail) which are obscene, abusive, threatening, racist, or defamatory. Visitors and members are expected to refrain from posting or sending materials which are illegal, in breach of anyone's human rights, or encourage illegal activities, including breaches of music or video copyright. (or reserves the absolute rights, at any time, and at their complete discretion, to remove any such material from the Message or Comment Boards/Forums and to issue warnings or suspensions, as necessary, and without notice to visitors and members who post, write or send such material. Genuine requests from any person or organization to remove material considered defamatory will be dealt with by a moderator as soon as possible. Please email (or at if you wish to alert the moderator of the Message or Comment Boards/Forums to such an occurrence.
These Message or Comment Boards/Forums could contain links to third-party websites or blogs for which (or takes no responsibility - either for the suitability of or content of these websites or blogs. Visitors and members using the Message or Comment Boards/Forums must consider the nature of third-party links before posting them, in an effort to ensure that they are relevant and/or appropriate and must take responsibility for their own postings. (or is not responsible for the quality or reliability of information, data, graphics, images, or opinions found on these websites or blogs and the presence of any link to a third-party website or blog does not imply any endorsement by (or and his webmaster Bert Larsimont.

GDPR compliance
As seen extensively in the media, the EU had new legislation coming into force on 2018-05-25 called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (under the domain name is a basketball blog which is NOT run for business or professional purposes. This blog has been owned, launched, run and maintained by Bert Larsimont as a hobby for several years. Bert Larsimont is a natural person who maintains (and related pages) in the course of a purely personal or household activity and thus with no connection to a professional or commercial activity. Personal or household activities could include correspondence and the holding of e-mail addresses, or social networking and online activity undertaken within the context of such activities. However, the GDPR applies to controllers or processors which provide the means for processing personal data for such personal or household activities.
Bert Larsimont has absolutely no intention to collect personal data directly from individual(s) who visits(s) (or or get his/her/their data from another source. It can nevertheless happen that following an exchange of e-mails, comments on social networks, etc., your contact details still appear in the address book of's owner.
You can always contact Bert Larsimont at if you find that there is some misuse of your own personal data. If we get personal data from you (e.g. following an e-mail exchange, comments on social networks, etc.), these data will never be sold and it is promised that your details will be kept safe and secure. You can always change your mind and ask's owner to retrieve your contact details or personal data from his address books (digital or not) by e-mailing
This blog and the domain name with which it is linked are owned by Bert Larsimont.'s homepage has been hosted on an OVHcloud dedicated server.

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